In divisions I, representatives of an institution=s interest are prohibited from making in-person on or off campus recruiting contacts, or written or telephonic communications with a prospect or the prospect=s relatives or legal guardians.@

Basic points to remember:

  • A representative of a Division I institution is prohibited from making in-person, on or off campus recruiting contact with a prospect and his or her parents and/or legal guardian.
  • A Division I representative is prohibited from writing or telephoning a prospect and his or her parents or legal guardians.
  • A representative is prohibited from contacting a prospect=s coach, principal or counselor n an attempt to evaluate the prospect.
  • A representative may not provide any extra benefit to an enrolled student athlete or their family. An Aextra benefit would include provision of any transportation to a student athlete or treating the student athlete or their family to dinner at a restaurant.
  • Do not treat a student athlete differently than you would any other enrolled student.

Questions regarding recruitment of potential student athletes should be directed to Tim Cass, Senior Associate Athletic Director, UNM Athletic Department, 505-925-5508.