Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Student Recruitement Questions

Application Process

How do students apply for admission?

  • Complete a UNM admissions application
  • Submit a $20 non-refundable application fee
  • Provide an official high school transcript with rank-in-class (courses in progress if you have not yet graduated)
  • Official ACT or SAT scores must be submitted.  (If you attended a non-accredited high school or home school, or obtained a GED, contact the UNM Admissions Office for specific information)
  • Students may now apply for admission using UNM’s online admission application form. The University’s website can be accessed at the following address:

Is an interview required for admission?

An interview is not required; however, a visit to UNM’s campus is highly recommended to give the student the opportunity to discover if UNM matches his or her personal style, goals, and aspirations.

What are the admissions requirements for beginning freshmen?

UNM admits freshmen under one of 3 sets of criteria. (Please contact the Office of Admissions with questions concerning the acceptability of specific classes.)

1. Minimum of 2.50 grade point average on a 4.00 scale in all high school courses plus completion of the following 16 specific college preparatory units with at least a 2.50 average in these courses (2 semesters equal one unit):

  • 4 units of English, one of which must be 11th or 12th grade composition;
  • 4 units of Math, including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, or higher mathematics;
  • 3 units of Social Science, one of which must be U.S. history;
  • 3 units of Natural Science, one of which must be a laboratory science in biology, chemistry, or physics;
  • 2 units of Foreign Language, both of which must be the same language (one other than English) or evidence of proficiency in a second language

2. Minimum of 2.50 grade point average in all high school courses, plus a formula based on ACT or SAT scores and high school class rank:

College Prep Test Prior to 10/89 Effective 10/89 Class Rank
Minimum ACT Composite 13 18-20 Top 25%
17 21-24 Top 50%
22 25-28 Top 75%
26 29+ No rank min.
College Prep Test Prior to 4/95 Effective 4/95 Class Rank
Minimum Combined SAT (V + M) 720 860-970 Top 25%
870 980-1120 Top 50%
1010 1130-1270 Top 75%
1190 1280 or higher No rank min.

3. A limited “Special Admissions” category: Students who do not qualify for admission under criteria 1 or 2 will be given “a special consideration.” A combination of quantitative and subjective factors is used in making these admissions decisions.

What are the admissions requirements for transfer students?

The minimum requirement for admission to UNM is a “C” average (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) in all transferrable college work attempted.  Individual colleges or programs may require a higher average for acceptance of transfers.  Check the UNM Catalog for specific requirements.

Transfer Credits

Students transferring to UNM receive full credit for course work completed with a minimum grade of “C” from regionally accredited institutions provided UNM has equivalent programs of study.  (Transferable courses with grades of “D” from New Mexico institutions are accepted).  UNM does not accept classes that are technical/vocational or remedial in nature, or are dogmatic religion courses.

The University does not award credit for work or life experience, or credit earned through a cooperative education program.

UNM operates on a semester credit calendar. Therefore, classes from quarter system institutions will be recalculated to semester hours (one quarter hour =.66 semester hour).

Evaluation of Credit

The evaluation of your transfer credit is part of the admissions application procedure.  It is a two-step process:

  1. An Admissions Officer will evaluate your credits on a course-by-course basis to determine general transferability to the University.  A Transfer Credit Evaluation (CES) is then produced and will be mailed to you.
  2. The evaluation is sent to your college or division, where an advisor will determine how your transferred credits will apply toward your stated degree program. Please contact the college advisement center directly to obtain the information.

Where can students call to get admissions assistance?

  • To check the status of your application: I-TEL-UNM (505-246-2020); this is the automated admission and registration system
  • For other specific Admissions questions, call the Office of Admissions at (505) 277-8900
  • For general information or to arrange for a campus visit, call (505) 277-8900

When will students be informed about whether or not they are accepted?

Once UNM receives your application, official high school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores, it takes approximately 3 weeks before you will receive notification of admissibility.  Applications cannot be processed without a transcript, rank in class, or ACT/SAT scores.

If students take the ACT or SAT more than once, which score is used?

UNM superscores SAT/ACT Test scores. The superscore is the total SAT/ACT score you get by combining your best critical reading score, your best math score and your best writing score on the SAT/ACT even if they come from different test dates.