Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral Degree Programs—

College of Arts and Sciences
American Studies (Ph.D.)
Anthropology (Ph.D.)
Biology (Ph.D.)
Chemistry (Ph.D.)
Communication (Ph.D.)
Earth and Planetary Sciences (Ph.D.)
Economics (Ph.D.)
English (Ph.D.)
French Studies (Ph.D.)
History (Ph.D.)
Latin American Studies (Ph.D.)
Linguistics (Ph.D.)
Mathematics (Ph.D.)
Nanoscience and Microsystems (Ph.D.)
Optical Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)
Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Physics (Ph.D.)
Political Science (Ph.D.)
Psychology (Ph.D.)
Sociology (Ph.D.)
Spanish and Portuguese (Ph.D.)
Statistics (Ph.D.)

College of Education
Counselor Education (Ph.D.)
Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
Educational Linguistics (Ph.D.)
Educational Psychology (Ph.D.)
Family Studies (Ph.D.)
Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies (Ph.D.)
Multicultural Teacher and Childhood Education (Ed.D., Ph.D.)
Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science (Ph.D.)
Special Education (Ed.D., Ph.D.)

School of Engineering
Computer Science (Ph.D.)
Engineering (Ph.D.)
Nanoscience and Microsystems (Ph.D.)
Optical Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)

College of Fine Arts
Art History (Ph.D.)

College of Nursing
Nursing (Ph.D.)

Health Sciences
Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.)

College of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Science (Ph.D.)

University Libraries
Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (Ph.D.)

Doctoral Degree Programs—
Professional Practice

School of Law
Law (J.D.)

School of Medicine
Medicine (D.M.)
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

College of Nursing
Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)

College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)