Freshman Experience

UNM wants to ensure that every new freshman at UNM has the opportunity to make a successful transition into University life. That the first semester at a university is crucial to the success of freshmen, there are a variety of programs available to incoming freshmen.

Academic Communities are classes that have been linked or paired together to provide greater learning experiences.  As a student, you are required to take both classes during the same term.  These classes will be taught by instructors who work together to link their disciplines thematically by working on a common problem or themes; ideas, assignments, and activities are integrated.

Living Learning Program

Residence Life and Student Housing promotes academic and individual success through collaboration with other university departments. The Living Learning Program provides residents with the opportunity to:

  • Live with other individuals with similar interests and/or academic pursuits
  • Connect to academic and extracurricular resources through university departments
  • Integrate their classroom life with their campus life and vice versa

When selecting your hall preferences on your housing application, you should indicate the Living Learning Community of your choice in the space provided. Many of the Living Learning Communities require their own separate applications through other programs. Be sure to follow the instructions indicated on those applications and submit them within the time frame outlined.  Because these living spaces are in high demand, please return your housing application as soon as possible.

For more information, visit: Living Learning Program.

First Year Learning Communities

What is a First-Year Learning Community (FLC)?

  • FLCs are two classes that are taught together around a theme
  • FLCs explore connections between the two areas and how they intersect and connect
  • One of the classes is a Seminar (a small class with a theme)
  • The Seminar is linked with a course that’s part of UNM Core
  • These classes are taught using cooperative and collaborative learning methods that engage you as an active, involved learner, with a minimum of “lecture”
  • The discussions, readings, problems, papers and presentations of the Seminar and the linked course are integrated and unified
  • Each class holds up to 25 students

Transition Communities

Transition Communities are explored through UNM's UNIV 101 course.  UNIV 101 is three-credit course that is designed to help students successfully transition into life and learning at the University of New Mexico.  Students can expect to be introduced to the following topics:

  • Financial Capabilities
  • Lobo Reading Experiences:
    • How to have difficult conversations in the classroom
    • Identity Autobiography and Your Role at UNM
  • Your Academic Journey:
    • Setting your academic plan
    • Exploring a Major
    • Answering big questions in my field
    • Academic Integrity
    • Self-Control 101