Recruitment Activities

College Fairs

Alumni College Fair Representatives promote The University of New Mexico and provide support to UNM recruitment efforts. Generally, college fair programs are sponsored by high schools to introduce students to a wide variety of colleges and universities. These programs are usually held in the evenings.

High schools throughout the United States request a UNM representative to attend their college fairs. Upon receipt of that request, Recruitment Services attempts to find an alumnus living in the area of the requesting school to serve as the UNM representative. A variety of UNM brochures, information request cards, a UNM tablecloth and an event evaluation form will be sent to the alumni representative before the college fair, as well as copies of all correspondence from the requesting school.

Typically, alumni representatives at college fairs are assigned a table in a large, open area, and students and their parents are free to visit tables of those schools which they are most interested in attending. This format allows students to ask brief questions and to pick up brochures about The University of New Mexico.

If you have questions regarding the college fair process, you should contact or Gary Bednorz, direct phone number is 505-934-0283 and email is

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College Fair Checklist

Before the Fair: Review location details and pack your materials which should include:

For distribution:

  • Response cards — please collect these
  • Pens for students to complete cards
  • UNM brochures/posters (for both Juniors and Seniors)
  • Admission Applications (Seniors)

For display:

During the Fair: You may want to review the UNM Fast Facts and have it with you during the Fair.

  • Arrive 30-45 minutes before the event and check-in with the fair organizers; set up your table before students arrive.
  • Offer to answer questions. Remember that many students are just beginning to search
  • and will have few questions at this point. Typically juniors and seniors attend college fairs.
  • Remain behind the table.
  • Encourage students to complete the information card to request additional information to be sent to them, and to get them on our mailing list.
  • Encourage students to call The University of New Mexico at 505-277-8900, if they have specific questions which you cannot answer or you may give them a UNM business card.

After the Fair:

  • Complete your evaluation of the fair on the Event Evaluation Form.
  • Return completed information cards and the Event Evaluation form, and information materials about the fair in the postage paid envelope the day after the fair.
  • Hold on to the materials that were left over for the next fair or mail back