Calling Campaigns

Calling campaigns involve the calling of prospective students from your area. These are students in which UNM has a strong interest in having them enroll as students. The Alumni Relations Office will provide student data sheets for students from your area. The data sheets will include all pertinent information that is available on the campus database.

Calling Guidelines:

  • The primary purpose for your call is to make a personal contact with a student and/or his or her family. Students and their families appreciate having someone who is an alumnus take time to show a personal concern about the academic interests of the prospective student.
  • Offer to answer any questions that the student may have about the University. However, do not expect to know all of the answers to student’s questions. If you are unsure of an answer, or to to get particular questions answered, you may call:
    • Gary Bednorz at 505-934-0283
    • Charlene Chavez-Tunney at 1-800-ALUM-UNM
    Thus, you can tell the student that you will try to find out the information about which they are asking and call them back.
  • Give the student your name and phone number in the event they have any questions or need additional information.
  • Express your personal interest in the student and your willingness to serve as their local UNM contact.

Calling Campaign Sample Script

Hello, may I speak to _________________?

If student is not available and you are speaking to a parent, proceed with:
“Perhaps I may speak with you.”

My name is _________________, and I am a University of New Mexico Alum.  I’m calling you (or your son/daughter) because we’re interested in you (them) and would like to discuss UNM with you (them).

  1. If answer is “YES” or “UNDECIDED”, then proceed to Question 1.
  2. If answer is “NO” then say, “Thank you for your time and good luck with your future plans.”

1. Have you had the opportunity to visit UNM or Albuquerque or New Mexico?

  1. If no: Discuss these places with them. Invite the student and their family to visit these places if they have not already done so. A campus visit is one of the best ways to discover if UNM is right for them. If the student wants to arrange for a campus visit or if they have further questions that you can’t answer, they can call (505) 277-8900. With at least 2 weeks notice, Recruitment Services can make arrangements for the student and their family to:

    • Meet with a Student Recruiter
    • Meet with the Financial Aid Office
    • Meet with the Scholarship Office
    • Meet with the Academic Advisement Office
    • Take a tour of the residence halls
    • Take a walking tour of campus
    • Possibly the student can stay overnight with a current UNM student through the Host/Hostess
    • Program sponsored by Recruitment Services: (only available during the spring semester on a limited basis).

  2. If Yes: Ask them how their visit went. See what they liked, did not like, etc.

2. If you attend UNM, are you interested in living on campus?

If Yes or Undecided: If students are interested in this option, they can obtain a housing application by sending in the Housing Request form located in the back of the view book “Preview UNM.”  If they do not have the request form, they may call the Office of Recruitment Services and one will be sent to them.

3. Are you planning to apply for financial aid or scholarships?

If Yes: To qualify for grants, loans and work study jobs, students need to complete a Federal Financial Aid application. The forms may be picked up in their high school counseling office or are available on the Internet. A link exists from our home page at Please encourage them to check out our website regardless. Priority deadline for Financial Aid is March 1st.

If they applied for scholarships and want to know the status of their application, they can contact the UNM Scholarship Office by calling (505) 277-8900.

4. Are you familiar with the criteria for the AMIGO Scholarship?

If not, explain criteria. Remember, AMIGO’s are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

Thank the student (or their parent) for their time, wish them success, and if they have any other questions about UNM, ask them to please not hesitate to call you or Recruitment Services.