Recruiting—Six A's

Developed by Gary K. Bednorz


ATTRACT: Work the college fairs. Ask:

  • What is intended major? 
  • What do want to study? 
  • What are your extracurricular activities? 
  • What grade are you? 
  • What is your GPA?

APPLY: Online. Make sure every senior (and junior) recieves a paper application.

  • UNM has rolling admissions. Students can apply year around. 
  • Our application has no essay—no personal statement—no letters of recommendation. 
  • Low application fee $20.
  • Seniors apply NOW! Juniors in June at the end of their junior year! 
  • There is no application deadline.

ADMIT: Submit the application, official transcript after the end of the student’s junior year (the address is in the UNM application) and either the SAT or ACT test.

AID: Need based financial aid and merit based scholarships.

  • We administer over $50 million in scholarship annually. 
  • Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA): Submit January 01– March 01
Scholarship Details Min. GPA Min. SAT Min. ACT Notes
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) 3.0+ 910 19 WUE and Amigo: No separate application / automatically reviewed.
Western Undergraduate Exchange Plus (WUE+) 3.0+ 1030 22  
Amigo 3.0+ 1190 26 WUE and Amigo: No separate application / automatically reviewed. ** Note, Alternative minimums are GPA 3.5+ with SAT 1070 / ACT 23
Regents 3.9 1380 31 December 01 deadline. Regents can stacked with Amigo to make a ‘full-ride’ scholarship

UNM = University with Need & Merit Aid!

ATTEND: UNM offers campus tours / visits year around. UNM is on the semester calendar

AUMNI: I have often said our job is not to get a student ‘to’ UNM but ‘through’ UNM!