Final Points

Final points to remember:

Some students will have questions and others you CAN engage with a few questions and quick talking points. Determine what grade the student is: senior, junior, sophomore etc. This will help direct the conversation.

Talking Points:

Ask: What is your academic area of interest?
Answers will run the spectrum: including undecided, don't know, not sure.
I say: That’s Our #1 major! That's why you are going to college, to figure it out"

The University of New Mexico has 86 undergraduate degrees, over 200 academic programs, just about something for everyone! Show the list and say: If you see something you like put that on this card in the area of interest.

If a student asks: What is UNM known for?  
Reply: Quality education at a fair price!

Ask: What is your academic area of interest?
This way YOU and the student can find it on the list of majors!

Many students may know what they want to study; some have even done net research and know about UNM. At this time our job is part information and part affirmation. Some students are not sure – that’s fine.

A few programs UNM is known for:

  • Biology – research opportunities
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts:
    • Photography
    • Visual Arts
    • Performing Arts
  • Health Sciences:
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
  • Law
  • Engineering (10 undergrad degrees in engineering and a new 150,000 sq. ft. engineering complex)
  • Architecture (state of the art new complex)
  • Business:
    10 undergrad concentrations
  • History
  • Communications and Journalism
  • Anthropology
  • Education:
    20 different degrees in education
  • Athletic Training / Physical Therapy:
    (students are asking for ‘Kinesiology’)